When ten-year-old genius Emery Jones accidentally sends Chippy 190 million years back in time, he’s not sure he can reverse the process—or if he even wants to. Chippy, his crew of bullies, their teacher, and even Emery’s dad don’t seem to understand Emery’s genius. Will Emery Jones risk traveling to the Triassic Period to rescue a bully like Chippy? You never know what can happen when you have the brains and the technology for bending time…

“A riveting, exhilarating, and enriching read!”—Tonya Bolden, YALSA-award
winning author

“Charles Johnson’s drawings bring even more pleasure to an already wonderful
story.” — Ashraf Rushdy, Director, Center for African American Studies, Wesleyan University

“Bending Time” is a rollicking good read, with vividly drawn characters,
a pleasingly rapid pace, an engaging narrative voice, and wonderful illustrations. It’s sure to leave readers with plenty to think about, and not just in the realm of science. It’s furthermore an auspicious debut for “The Adventures of Emery Jones, Boy Science Wonder” series. Authors Charles and Elisheba Johnson offer, in “Bending Time,” delight and edification on every page. I look forward to subsequent volumes.” – David Guterson, Novelist

“The father-daughter team of Charles and Elisha Johnson have created a real winner in EMERY JONES. A time-traveling lark written with energy and illustrated with terrific, deceptive simplicity, this hysterically funny story of young genius has serious things to say about friendship, bullying, identity and the power of imagination. The kind of book parents will want to read to and with their children. If this is the beginning of a series, we are in for a genuine treat!” -Steve Barnes. Science Fiction Author.

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