It’s the first day of middle school and nothing is going right for poet Gabby Sykes. Bad goes to worse when her friend scientific whiz kid Emery Jones gets wrapped up in a love interest that distracts him from dual threats to humankind. Naturally, before it’s all over Gabby, Emery, former bully Chippy Payne, robot Cal, and the world will never be the same again.

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When ten-year-old genius Emery Jones accidentally sends Chippy 190 million years back in time, he’s not sure he can reverse the process—or if he even wants to. Chippy, his crew of bullies, their teacher, and even Emery's dad don't seem to understand Emery's genius. Will Emery Jones risk traveling to the Triassic Period to rescue a bully like Chippy? You never know what can happen when you have the brains and the technology for bending time…